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Begemot Decals MiG-25 Foxbat full stencil, 72-016

The MiG-25 was a wonder aircraft in terms of technical solutions, aerodynamic scheme and application versatility for an airframe this big and this fast.

For an aircraft this influential and famous its very odd we have less than 10 kits available in all scales. Just 3 of them in the 72nd scale:

– the old Hasegawa kit (reissued and poorly copied countless times though that wouldn’t count),

– the Berkut family of single- and two-seater (the sole kit of the U training version AT ALL),

– the much more recent ICM kit.

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OKB Grigorov’s Winterketten and Ostketten for Pz III/IV family

OKB Grigorov's Winterketten and Ostketten
OKB Grigorov’s Winterketten and Ostketten

Today I received two of OKB’s latest releases – their Winterketten and Ostketten resin tracks for the Pz III/IV family of armored vehicles. I was impressed with the casting and level of detail, so I am in a hurry to show you what the fuss is all about.

First thing about the track sets is that they are provided in 4 bands per set, each about 102mm long, like so:

OKB Grigorov Ostketten set S72057
OKB Grigorov Ostketten set S72057

Considering you need about 175mm per vehicle side for the lenghtened III/IV chassis on which a Hummel or Nashorn was based – you’re pretty well catered for in terms of spares.

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1/72 Part PE set P72-093 for Revell’s Tiger Ausf.E

Years ago the Poles from Part have released 3 PE sets to improve the molded-on details of both Revell’s Braille scale Tigers. The three packs basically have the same main fret and mesh set, plus a third metal sheet that holds details specific to the version – P72-092 for the Ausf. H, P72-093 for the E, and P72-094 for the H1.

I got myself a set for the late variety, and here it is.

1/72 Part PE set P72-093 for Revell's Tiger Ausf.E - Fret A
Fret A

As you can notice there’s heaps of tiny detail, some so small really you will not even bother remove it from the metal sheet. There’s useful stuff like all the tool retaining straps and clasps, the side mud flaps, the exhaust heat shields, the ammo belt and can for the commander’s MG, as well as the mesh screens that are SO missing from the Revell kits.

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Brassin detail set 648 026 – MiG-21 wheels 1/48

After delivering their exquisite MiG-21MF the Eduard crew went on to produce a number of sets to further improve the appearance of this important machine in 48th scale.

One of the areas that would definitely benefit from an aftermarket set are the tires. Dimensionally correct the kit items are really “bald” and flattening them could result in holes. This set replaces all three kit wheels with beautifully cast resin items, thread present on all three of them. Two hub options, etched details and masks are also included:

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