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Dragon’s Panther G, Early Production w/Zimmerit, kit 7252

I got the kit in 2010 as a replacement for a lost package – I had won an “Achtung, Jabo!” pack with 4 figures, which never arrived for whatever reason.

Actually this was my first Dragon tank and I was eager to open the box and see what’s in. DML didn’t fail to impress. The number of parts is rather large due to sprue sharing with other Ausführungs and even with the Jagdpanther.

Onto the images (click to see larger images). You get sprue A, which is wheels and side armor screens.

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Dragon’s 1/72 Churchill Mk. IV completed

Time to show the finished product.

Decals as per DML’s instructions. I used the 4 in the red circle and it’s a good think the Dragon boys and gals had included a spare. Decals were tamed using my favorite Mr. Mark Softer from Gunze, then covered with Vallejo matt varnish.

Since the tank has been painted with about 7 variations of green I used a bit less pigment powders (Agama Sand, Dust and a bit of white) than usual to weather it. A bit of black behind the exhausts, around machine guns and gun muzzle and again a coat of Vallejo flat.

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Building Dragon’s 1/72 Churchill Mk. IV tank, kit 7424

Another Armorama review build. This was one of those rare occasions when I decided to strictly follow the instructions.

I started by test-fitting the turret top and bottom. The locating pins in the turret base detail are too thick, so a step step was formed – they were quickly removed.

Turret with its bottom end up - the step is rather evident...
Turret with its bottom end up – the step is rather evident…

Since two options were presented for the main turret armament (parts C3 and B7) I went with the longer one 🙂 The aft end of the detail required some sanding to fit in the turret mask. Next, the Besa machine gun was glued in the mask. After the assembly was glued to the turret base (C5),  I added the top detail (C9) to close the turret.

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Horch 108 and FLAK 38, Dragon 7422

I painted the entire composition with Revell enamels – 79 being the main color and 57 as well as mixes of the two used to vary the shades in different places. I also added the white rectangles on both the Horch and trailer fenders, but these almost disappeared under the dust I applied later.

Seats were brushed with Revell 381 and given a thin acrylic wash to accentuate the molded-on uneven surface (again a nice touch by Dragon). Tires were sprayed Revell 78 to simulate a bleached/dusty effect, and then added to the vehicle body and the trailer. The exhaust pipes and muffler were basecoated with Revell 37 to simulate rust and glued on the vehicle. I then proceeded to add some metal chips by drybrushing Tamiya’s X11.

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Building Dragon’s Horch and FLAK combo (kit 7422)

Since I got the kit to build as a reviewer for Armorama I started almost immediately after taking the pics. Here’s how the build went through.

I started by adding the lower engine compartment/radiator face and the firewall to the vehicle body.

Dragon 7422 Horch front
Horch front

Other than filling the seam line in the front wheel arches these fit fine.

Dragon 7422 Wheel arc seam
Wheel arc seam

Next step was the suspension. After carefully studying reference images I glued parts B9 and B10 first, and then proceeded to add the suspension arms.

Dragon 7422 Frame and suspension
Frame and suspension

Please note that all 4 parts are labeled B7, but the parts intended for the rear axle have an extra pair of locating pins. With these fixed I glued the 8 springs (parts B8) to parts B10 and B11. So far fit has been very good. I cut off the representation of the rubber mudguards and replaced them with thick aluminum foil.

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1/72 Heavy Uniform Personnel Vehicle Type 40 + 2cm FlaK 38, Dragon kit 7422

Well the DML people kinda got it wrong, because the box top says “Typ 40”, where the boxart and the parts depict the earlier version (Typ 1a). It has the spare wheels exposed on the vehicle body sides, while the Typ 40 has flat side walls, as the spare wheels are located inside the vehicle body.

The kit contains 91 parts, including

  • 88 plastic parts
  • 2 photoetched parts on 1 fret
  • 1 clear part for the windshield

The Dragon team has simply included one of the vehicles found in the Horch 1+1 combo (kit 7378) and added a towed 20mm AA gun.

There are 54 parts used for the Horch “jeep”. 50 of those are located on sprue B.

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Italeri 1/72 F-22 Raptor – complete

As pointed out in the review below, building this kit has been a small hell. Truth be told I started building it twice, but only the second attempt is now finished. This has been the single most frustrating kit I’ve ever worked on – investing so much time and effort yielded an average-looking model – “Good from far, but far from good” as they say.

Closing the weapon bay doors, cutting out their inside frames to add supports for the doors and filling this whole mess flush was the single biggest filling-sanding challenge. I am totally not proud of my first attempt at the vertical stabilizers – ended up in different angles and gaps, with filler constantly cracking on me. Potholes down joining lines due to the plastic melting under regular Humbrol modelling glue. Two nose jobs on my second attempt due to the same reason. Sanding the **** out of the nose and arrestor hook cover. Rescribing multiple zones more than once due to lost panel lines. Landing gear unstable at best. Multiple strip-downs and resprays for various reasons and about 10 meters of Tamiya tape lost in the process.

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1/72 F-22 Raptor, Italeri’s kit 1207

One of the earlier kits of the mighty Raptor, Italeri’s offering has often been accused of representing the YF-22 which it totally isn’t. In case the Italian company made a scale model of the prototype this kit is NOT it – the fuselage shape shows well in the images below.

Sprue A has most of the smaller details, as well as the armament on it. Nothing spectacular here, but those separate weapon-bay doors are designed with them posed open in mind. And whether you pose the bays closed or not – use all the parts to increase the strength of the model – after all it’s some 23 cm long and you don’t want it twisted.

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OKB Grigorov 1/72 T-60 (late), kit 72003

OKB Grigorov - T-60 box
OKB Grigorov – T-60 box

This tiny, but important tank, is the third venture of OKB Grigorov into the “complete AFV kits” world. The set is completely made up of resin castings (23 parts) and etched metal (two frets with a total of 32 parts). It represents the later variety of the T-60: the road wheels and the idler are identical and maximum armor thickness reached 35mm.

To protect “the precious” the company has placed it in a small, sturdy box – everything carefully packed in bubble wrap.

Inside the T-60's box
Inside the T-60’s box

You can see that resin castings and the etched frets are in separate zip-lock bags to prevent loss, bending and scratching.

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Dragon 1/72 Me-1101 Nachjager, kit 5014

A member of the “Golden Wings” series from the early 90s this kit represents a Luft ’46 aircraft. Me-1101’s partially completed prototype was captured by US forces at the end of WW2. It later flew in The States as Bell X-5, the first aircraft with variable wing geometry. The radar-and-missiles equipped night fighter you see below must only have been a paper-only project…

Me-1101 Nachjager, Dragon 5014 - box top
Me-1101 Nachjager, Dragon 5014 – box top

The original aircraft did not feature a T-tail, it might as well have been a Dragon invention. Anyway – liked the look of the thing and when opportunity came I snatched the kit off EvilBay. It arrived in excellent condition and revealed a curious packaging pattern – all sprue bags and the decals placed in a big bag stapled to the side.

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