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Zvezda’s 1/72 ISU-152, kit 5026 – Small scale Zveroboy

Zvezda’s 1/72 ISU-152, kit 5026
Zvezda’s 1/72 ISU-152, kit 5026

Announced back in 2013 (or was it 2012?) the expected development of IS-2 is finally here. Please welcome ISU-152 by Zvezda!

Zvezda’s 1/72 ISU-152, kit 5026
Zvezda’s 1/72 ISU-152, kit 5026

Previous Zvezda kits in the scale had sprues on their own inside the box. That made each sound like a baby’s rattle. Parts here are sealed in a soft plastic bag, which prevents parts loss, and makes plastic less prone to breaks.

Zvezda’s 1/72 ISU-152, kit 5026
Zvezda’s 1/72 ISU-152, kit 5026

The ISU-152 is big, grey and bad@$$, and at first sight appears to have a very small amount of parts in common with the IS-2 kit from the past year (which is a very good one if I may say).  That’s sort of misleading because there is still a lot from the IS-2 – the sprues are simply re-done and parts are re-arranged for the new machine.

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Zvezda 1/72 Russian Missile System “Topol” (SS-25 Sickle), kit 5003

Zvezda 1:72 Russian Missile System Topol (SS-25 Sickle)
Zvezda 1:72 Russian Missile System Topol (SS-25 Sickle)

The expected kit of 2013, which did not show up until mid-February 2014. Here it is in all its 300+ part glory.

What you will notice is not just the 2 options – there are two full suspension sets for either option:

– set on the ground under the full 100 ton load,

– and “jacked up – wheels hanging” pose, ready for launch. All parts modified, including wishbones and driveshafts drooping,  steering rods also extended.

The two hydraulic portals that lift the whole TEL up also have different parts for the two modes, as do the support plates and the “fifth leg” behind the right cockpit.

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Zvezda’s 1/72 IS-2, kit 5011 – an inbox review

Zvezda's 1/72 IS-2, kit 5011 Box top
Zvezda’s 1/72 IS-2, kit 5011 Box top

Earlier this month the long-awaited Zvezda quick-build IS-2 finally reached the local hobby shops, so I was quick to grab myself a copy. It’s close to an year late and I was anxious to see what do we actually get.

There are a hull tub (discussed lower), two grey sprues with parts for the hull and turret, a black one for the tracks, decals for 1 main variant (as on the box top) and additional generic numbers.

The first sprue shows the upper hull and most of the suspension and running gear parts. Yes, just as advertised the set does represent the later war production variety, the IS-2m with the “straight nose”, so it supplements rather than replaces the Italeri kit. As opposed to the Italeri kit, the cooling louvres here are molded angled, with spaces between them, so you can see through the grid.

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Zvezda’s Braille Panther D completed

This build is special for me. The kit was purchased, started and completed in just one month, which is a first for the past 20 years or so. I wanted to postpone the clash with it, but I could not resist.

The first thing you should know is that you need to forget most of the modelling stuff you’ve learned over the years. Since the model is a fast build/snap kit:

– DO NOT DRY FIT PARTS, or keep it to a minimum. Fit’s so tight on some parts you won’t be able to disassemble what you put together.

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Zvezda 1/72 PzKpfw V Panther Ausf D, kit 5010

Zvezda 1/72 PzKpfw V Panther Ausf D, kit 5010 Boxart

Well it’s finally out. After two years of promises and a lot of online desperation on modellers’ end it’s in the shops and tonight it reaches my bench.

Two sprues of sand-colored plastic, a black sprue for the threads (total part count is 97) and a small decal sheet plus instructions and safety precautions for $8. Let’s see what’s in.

Zvezda 1/72 PzKpfw V Panther Ausf D, kit 5010 Sprue 1
Sprue 1

I am impressed! Part of the roadwheels are molded as a single detail, however the suspension arms are separate parts, as are the OVM tools! I am sure modellers will find something else to complain about, however before I actually start building the kit I will only comment on the way this kit is molded and so far it looks rather good to me.

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1/72 Mi-24P kitbash, WIP part 2

While the Squadron putty was drying I cut the nose of an ESCI FFAR pod:

Mi-24P ESCI: FFAR pod nose cone cut
FFAR pod nose cone cut

and inserted the base into the inlet of the APU to give it some detail.

Mi-24P ESCI: Stock engine/APU intakes
Stock engine/APU intakes

Here’s how the outcome looks before paint:

Mi-24P ESCI: New detail added to the APU intake
New detail added to the APU intake

The amount of putty required and the sanding is obvious on the series of pictures above, but let me tell you – this is a great stress-relief technique.

I also created a new gun mount to replace the missing part, using brass barrels of a design closest to the original GSh-30. These are fixed into a block of laminated styrene. The white brackets are scrap styrene sheet.

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1/72 Mi-24P kitbash: ESCI, Zvezda, Dragon, HobbyBoss – WIP part 1

I built this kit for a group build in April this year. My goal was to finish the build in the shortest time possible – it was intended as a kickstart after for quite some time I did not finish a kit.

The basic airframe used has been an ancient ESCI release which I bought dirt-cheap from a guy that regularly renews his collection. He had used certain parts from the kit, the gunpack included, so I was up for some scratchbuilding fun.

I started with the cargo hold doors, which were rather thick. I had to thin them around the edges in order for them to fit.

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Zvezda Mi-24V/VP Hind-E, kit 7293

Zvezda Mi-24V/VP box top
Zvezda Mi-24V/VP box top

After so much waiting the new Mi-24 by Zvezda is finally in my hands. Probably one of the most awaited models in the 72nd scale, this impressive offering has no less than 284 parts and allows you to build the most accurate “Crocodile”  in the scale to date.

One of the perks you get with the kit is the complete engine/gearbox setup that allows you to build your Hind all opened up (you’d still need to make the compartment plumbing yourself or wait for Eduard’s go at it though). Pick a V version with the YakB-12,7 Gatling gun, or a GSh-23-2 armed VP. Hang some serious firepower under the wings, pop the two pilots in the cockpits and let it rip!

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Zvezda “German 20-mm Anti-Aircraft Gun with Crew FLAK-38”, kit 6117

Much-smaller than it’s Soviet counterpart below, the FLAK-38 is represented by fewer parts. The crew consists of an aimer/gunner and a loader.

Details are well-represented on the gun – even bolt heads on both sides of the armored shield are represented. Please note that transport trailer and ammo boxes are not included.

The flash hider is a bit too bulky, but should be easy to replace with a self-made cooking-foil detail. My main concern is that the sprue gate that is located on the barrel is almost as thick, so care should be taken when separating that detail. It could also use some seam-line cleaning, esp. on the small shield just in front of the breech.

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